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Club Nights are an important part of our club operations as they provide the opportunity for our younger members to experience competition for the first time in a relaxed and supportive environment.  They also provide the opportunity for our more experienced members to practice their racing skills and to gain feedback on their performance in a structured environment.

UQ Swim Club is well equipped with electronic timing equipment to provide more accurate results and to allow our nights to run more efficiently.  Results are published on our web site and in MyLane, which members access through their Swimming Australia accounts.

If you have questions regarding Club Nights please ask your UQ Sport Coach or email the Club Night Coordinator at


2018-2019 Club Nights

Club night swim meets are scheduled for the following nights during the summer of 2018-2019, commencing at 6.30pm. 

 2018  2019
 Friday 12th October  Friday 1st February
 Friday 26th October  Friday 15th February
 Friday 9th November   Friday 1st March 
 Friday 23rd November  Friday 15th March
 Friday 7th December  Friday 29th March

Please read the following information about our Club Nights

Follow the nomination link to nominate online for the events you want to swim, noting the entry time requirements for 50m and 100m races listed below.

Nominations for the next club night normally open by the Monday night prior to each club night.

Please be sure you nominate before 6pm on the Thursday night prior to club night, as we need to produce the program for the night in advance. Changes are not allowed on the night.

Swimmers with no previous club night records are required to swim the 25m events on their first night.

The Coach's Choice event is open to anyone who wants to have a go (at the Coach's discretion).

Our Club Nights depend on a team of dedicated volunteers to make them tick.  Please step forward to help with timekeeping, BBQ, computer operations and marshalling.  So we can better coordinate the effort, we ask volunteers to register using an online form that is published along with the race nomination forms for each club night.

The club operates a BBQ on Club Nights from 6.15 pm.

The other two pools that are not used for club night at the UQ Aquatic Centre are strictly out of bounds once the Centre closes to the public. This is a requirement from UQ Sport for safety reasons and we thank you for your cooperation.

As a UQ affiliated club, our operations are bound by UQ Sport.  As such we follow the UQ Sport Extreme Weather Policy.  Cancellations or delays due to weather are published via our club Facebook and Twitter feeds.

The table below shows the graduation times for swimmers wanting to progress to longer distances. Please don't nominate for 50m or 100m races until you have club night times recorded that are less than these times.

Club Night Graduation Times


25m to 50m 

50m to 100m 


25 s

42 s


27 s

46 s


32 s

52 s


30 s

45 s









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